Observatory Telescopes

Our Observatory Telescopes

We have the following observing equipment, much of which is available for loan to members:

A Meade 14″ LX200GPS GOTO reflector.
An Orion Optics ODK12 Reflector.
A Skywatcher 80mmED refractor.
A 70mm Coronado Solarmax Hydrogen Alpha refractor.
An LXD55 GOTO equatorial mount and tripod, for use with the solar telescope.
A Meade EXT125 reflector, on a GOTO Alt/Az mount and tripod.
An Orion 6″ Europa reflector on an equatorial mount and tripod.
A pair of Vixen 5″ binoculars on an Alt/Az mount and tripod.
A Celestron 8″ Nexstar reflector with GOTO capability.
A Meade 114mm Newtonial reflector, with GOTO capability.
A Meade LXD55 6″ AR refractor.
A Coronado PST solar telescope.
A Solar System’s Ha filter – 0.3Angstrom/32mm dia. to fit the 80ED

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