The Doncaster night sky this month

The March Night Sky

These are the areas of sky you should be able to see looking in the direction of sky mentioned at around the 15th of this month, about 8pm GMT.

Remember, stars (and planets can be included) appear to rise and set 4 minutes earlier on each successive day. This equates to 1 hour every 15 days. Therefore, on the 1st of the month, the maps will show the sky for 9pm GMT. While on the 30th, the maps will show the sky for 7pm GMT. 

Click on each image to get a full-screen view of the area of sky.

The Phases of The Moon this month:

The Northern area of sky this month:

The Eastern area of the sky this month:

The Southern area of the sky this month:

The Western area of the sky this month:

Graphics generated by the planetarium software, “The Sky 6”.
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