The Doncaster night sky this month

These are the areas of sky you should be able to see looking in the direction mentioned at around the 15th of this month, about 10:30pm.

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Notes:  At this time of year, the sky doesn’t get dark until around 10:30pm and as daylight hours get longer, by month-end 11:30ish. 

At the begining of June, Jupiter rises around 7:10pm  and reaches due south at an altitude of 21° above the horizon at 11:13pm BST, setting at 3:45am BST. By mid-month, the planet rises at  6:05pm BST, reaching a maximum altitude of 21° at 10:18pm BST. At the end of the month, Jupiter rises in the east at 5pm BST, attains its greatest altitude around 10:15pm BST at 21° altitude and sets at in the west at 1:45am BST.

With the onset of Dusk at 9:30pm at the begining of the month, Venus can be seen as a very bright star in the north-western sky about 15° above the horizon. It will be there for the rest of  the month.

The Phases of The Moon this month:

The Northern area of sky this month:

The Eastern area of the sky this month:

The Southern area of the sky this month:

The Western area of the sky this month:

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